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LensShark Photography Podcast - this is the old show. Look for the new one.


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Jul 30, 2015

Welcome to episode 36!  Consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

In this episode:
00:01:00 – Want a FREE portfolio review by me (Sharky James)? Want to win a super fast 64GB Lexar 1000x SDXC card? How about a $100 or $1,000 Gift Card?

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00:03:21 – This week’s Listener Question comes from Sergio in Ohio. Sergio has a Nikon D200, but wants to know if he should move up to the Nikon D700 or go mirrorless with the awesome Fujifilm X-T1.


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00:12:09 – Adobe’s Dehaze slider in Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW seems to also do wonder with the night’s sky and astrophotography.

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00:13:14 – Google gets ready to yank Google+ Photos…what you need to know.

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00:14:03 – Flickr brings back the Pro level of membership due to popular demand.

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00:15:03 – Canon reports huge losses in the Q2 of 2015. What does this mean for the camera maker?

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00:20:30 – Sony’s RX100 IV does an amazing 1000 frames per second and you need to see the video by our friends at

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00:22:11 – LumoPro innovates with a cool flash case called the LumoPro LP742 LightSwitch which doubles as three flash modifiers.

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00:23:22 – A Fresno, California photographer is killed as he is hit by a train while doing a photoshoot on the tracks.

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00:24:58 – Still shooting film? What you need to know if you’re dropping rolls of film off at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and others for processing.

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00:27:38 – Taylor Swift’s rights-grabbing contract gets reworked by the photography industry and Swift accepts the more reasonable contract. Another victory in the war on photography!

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00:30:13 – It looks like once again, the government is looking to push through an “Orphan Works” act. What you, as a photographer, needs to know about your diminished copyright should this pass.

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In Drone News:
00:36:19 – A foolish Connecticut man attaches a gun to a drone and flies it causing quite an uproar. You must see the video.

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00:38:09 – After quite a few irresponsible drone owners causing firefighting aircraft to be grounded due to safety concerns, California legislators introduce a bill allowing emergency personnel to knock drones out of the sky for their safety. We’re calling on drone manufactures to warn its customers about flying near the scenes of emergencies.

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