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LensShark Photography Podcast - this is the old show. Look for the new one.


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Mar 19, 2015

Welcome to episode 24!  Consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

In this episode:
00:01:21 – A U.S. Navy veteran catches flack for photographing a solider cradling his 8-day-old baby using the U.S. flag. Read more about it here.

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00:04:53 – Is Canon getting ready to update its amazing 50mm f/1.2L lens? Get the current one here. (affiliate link)


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00:05:48 – Los Angeles County agrees to pay three photographers $50,000 and train its deputies that photography is not a crime.

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00:09:47 – Eye-Fi releases what it’s calling “The most powerful wireless SD card ever”. Buy it here. (affiliate link)

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00:10:48 – People are up in arms over The New York Times excluding former U.S. President George W. Bush in a front page photo of President Obama and thousands of others marching in Selma, Alabama to commemorate a famous march in the civil rights movement 50 years earlier. See the photo here.

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00:24:46 – A Vogue magazine editor/princess humiliates a 65-year-old homeless woman in Paris, France by posting a photo to Instagram. See the photo here.

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00:27:19 – Bloomberg Politics apologizes after putting Hillary Clinton’s head from one photo on her body from another photo and blames this dodgy Photoshop job on being rushed. Then TIME magazine seemingly adds horns to her by mistake (or was it on purpose?). See the photos here.

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00:29:34 – An apartment complex near Orlando, Florida forced tenants to sign a contract with a social media addendum in which they agreed to pay a $10,000 fine if they talked negatively about the complex and its owners. Additionally, the contract transferred rights of any photo taken by residents on the property to the complex.

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00:32:28 – Midnight Rider director Randall Miller and producer Jay Sidrish are held accountable for the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones. Jones died after being struck by a train on tracks during filming for the movie.

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In Drone News…
00:35:53 – The 23-year-old woman who attacked a 17-year-old drone operator because she thought he was a pervert and shooting video of women in their bikinis on a beach, may have the charges dropped. Watch the video of the attack here. (Warning: bad language)

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